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What We Do

Stronger Self-Advocacy
and Becoming a Meaningful Part of the Process. Those are the ultimate goals when partnering with our clients from Day One. The staff at BMB & Associates believes in the mission of each of our clients and strives to ensure that our laws support - and protect - those impacted by our clients' work. As part of such support, our firm works with each client to provide a full understanding of Maryland's legislative process and the players involved. By providing a "Civics 101" crash course - on both the overall legislative process and specific issue at hand - BMB & Associates is not simply a voice for our clients, but provides the mechanisms to bring all the parties together so that our clients can be a powerful voice in the process as well.

Our focus on reaching out on a personal basis to our clients and other stakeholders allows the
staff to provide the full spectrum of professional lobbying services in the Maryland General Assembly. We will represent and advise you concerning any government relations issues that may arise during the year and monitor the activities of the Maryland Legislature, Governor’s office, and various local, state and federal agencies pertinent to your issues. We will also work to establish an effective working relationship with professional associations with related agendas.

Specifically, services will include:


Legislative Services

  • Directly educate government officials about your issues.  While we will be most active during the 90-day Session, effective lobbying requires year-round contact.

  • Monitor and report to your group on legislative issues, via confidential up to date website, containing information on important legislative activities of interest.   We will also provide written reports on the activities of the Maryland Legislature, Governor’s Office, and various government agencies.

  • Coordinate legislative testimony before the legislature, committees, and regulatory agencies regarding bills and issues of interest to you in the State of Maryland.  This includes testifying on your behalf as well as scheduling and preparing members to testify.

  • Initiate legislation, research issues, draft legislation, secure legislative sponsors and advocate for successful passage of your legislation.

  • Target key decision-makers to facilitate above activities.

  • Meet with key legislators and officials on matters that affect your members.

  • Participate in appropriate meetings and provide meeting space in our offices.

  • File all required documents with the State Ethics Commission.

Public Policy Services
  • Provide political and other analyses of factors that might affect pertinent legislative, administrative, and regulatory policies.
  • Meet regularly with your members to discuss legislative positions and strategies.
  • Work to sustain an effective public policy program.
  • Assist in maintaining a grassroots lobbying effort by reporting at meetings, writing for your publications and establishing a key contact system for each legislative district.
  • Work closely with and attend meetings of related associations to gain insight and information concerning pertinent issues at both the State and National levels.
  • Establish and maintain statewide network of interested members keeping them informed and involved in pertinent legislative activities within Maryland.


Internet Information Services


We provide each client with a confidential up to date website of important legislative activities.  The website includes briefings, alerts, and profiles on the status of pertinent legislation.

  • Immediate Action Alerts
    Identifying individual legislators and legislative committees, including what action needs to be taken·         Legislative Scheduleo   List of bill hearings, committee meetings, and briefings
  • Bills of Interest
    • Bill Number and Name
    • Sponsor(s) of Bills
    • Committee assignment
    • Current Status of Bill
  • Links to:
    • Texts of Bills and Fiscal Analysis
    • Synopsis of Bills
    • Running History of Bills
    • Previous Session Bills and their History
    • The Maryland General Assembly Homepage
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