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Assignment of Benefits - SB 314 Bill SigningIt is because of our diverse clientele and depth of experience in navigating the legislative, administrative, and regulatory arenas that our firm has accomplished what it has.  Listed below is a sampling of those accomplishments.   

…Worked to make Maryland the first state in the nation to establish a uniform symptom-based definition of an emergency condition.  [Maryland’s law became the model for legislation placed before Congress. Thirty-two states have since enacted the law and several others have considered it.] 
…Successfully pushed for protection of the rights of HMO subscribers by guaranteeing that their HMOs will cover medical screening services in emergency rooms.  [The law also strengthens Maryland’s first-in-the-nation definition of an emergency condition.] 
…Successfully secured $42 million in State funding for construction of a new bioscience research center; successfully secured $16 million in State funding for a major science education center expansion project 
… Secured ongoing operating funding for: a program that provides relief to families caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, a major science education center, and an African American AIDS prevention and treatment initiative 
…Secured ongoing Federal funding for a program that is conducting ground breaking research with the blue crab, a vital resource to the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s economy.  
Grievance Procedure HB843 2009 Session 
…Gained rights and financial security enhancements for residents of continuing care retirement communities in Maryland that provide for comprehensive lifetime care for their residents. 
…Successfully spearheaded efforts to ensure insurance reimbursement to patients determined to be of danger to themselves or others for the first 24 hours of in-patient psychiatric care. 
…Successfully advocated for additional funding for the public mental health system.
 … Secured funding for the developmentally disabled population

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